Rise of the Runelords

Ameiko Disappears

Our Heroes were summoned to Sheriff Baelor’s office to finally meet a bruised and bloody Shalelu.


Shalelu, a ranger and scout who patrols the wildlands and remote farmlands around the Lost Coast, has reported increased activity of goblin raids. She is concerned about evidence that the 5 local goblin tribes, usually disorganized and fractious, may be organized by some external force.

Baelor is concerned over this news and has set out to Magnimar to solicit the governor for more troops to protect Sandpoint. He has requested that our heroes maintain a presence in town so as to keep the townsfolk calm and safe.

Later that day, our heroes are approached by a tearful Amele Barrett, clutching her young children close. Her husband has found a goblin hidden in her young son’s closet and, enraged, has chased it into its hiding place while the terrified wife and children fled the house. Our heroes dispatch the goblin, but not before he has killed the unfortunate Alergast. Amele is inconsolable at the news. Father Zantus arrives to offer her comfort and a place to stay at the local church.

bethana.pngThe next morning, Bathena, halfling maid of the Rusty Dragon Inn, is anguished over the disappearance of Ameiko, seemingly to meet her brother Tsuto at the Kaijitsu family’s Glassworks, to discuss their father’s possible involvement with the goblin attack. Bathena hands the PCs a letter from Tsuto to his sister Ameiko

Our heroes investigate the Kaijitsu Glassworks and find a gang of goblins in the main furnace room, having murdered the employees and Lonjiku Kaitjitsu.



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