Rise of the Runelords

Ghoul FEVER!!!

Our heroes anxiously moved through the overgrown cornfields, the tunnels of crops adding to the claustrophobia and anxiety.

In the Hambley farm fields our heroes encounter victims — of Ghoul Fever, the learned cleric Argonon informs them — tied to scarecrow posts throughout the fields. Apparently the former humans, now ghouls, were infected then held captive, to “ripen” into full ghouls.

Zordlin sneaks up quietly on one of these ripening ghouls. After reporting back to the group, they get ready for an assault, with Orilil ripping the burlap hood off of the scarecrow to reveal — a human.

Argonon quickly calls upon the power of Sarenrae and some good old-fashioned healing to cure the human — Lettie Guffmin — of Ghoul Fever.



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