Rise of the Runelords

Prelude: Black Fang


Our brave heroes have set out on their first real adventure together! A mysterious threat to the outlying farms and homesteads of Sandpoint has appeared. Slaughtered livestock and a tooth the size of a dagger are the lead to a forgotten cave a dozen miles from town.

Orilil Falconflight, GAARG, Argonon and Zordlin assemble at the cave mouth. There they discover a statue of a warrior, pitted and melted as if by some powerful acid.

Before they get any further, a pair of goblins shriek and charge from the darkness beyond the cave mouth. They attack with their filthy dogslicers.

These murderous little monsters are quickly dispatched.

Further exploration of the cave reveals a flame trap protecting a giant ruby. After getting singed, the sorcerer uses a Mage Hand to lift the ruby from outside the range of the trap.

A pair of skeletons nearly corner our stalwart GAARG, separated from his compatriots by a high sheer wall. Argonon calls upon the purifying light of his goddess to blast the skeletons into dust.

Eventually our heroes manage to find the sleeping dragon (…ahem, wyrmling). Stealthy Zordlin manages to creep up close to the dragon, but our sorcerer manages to kick a pebble, echoing loudly in the cavern and waking Black Fang.

The dragon wakes in a fury and spits a gob of acid at Orilil, hurting him badly!

The rogue and fighter engage Black Fang in melee, while the cleric heals the hurt sorcerer.

Orilil manages to stun the dragon twice with a dazzling color spray, giving our heroes some valuable time.

GAARG lands a mighty blow, severing the dragon’s head from the rest of the dragon!

Exhausted but jubilant, our heroes mend their wounds and travel back to Sandpoint to claim their bounty!



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