Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint! The Swallowtail Festival

A Donkey Press!


Our brave adventurers arrive in Sandpoint in time for the consecration of the new cathedral of Sandpoint.

The old temple burnt to the ground during a huge fire about five years ago, during Sandpoint’s time of “Late Unpleasantness”.

The consecration is planned to occur during the annual Swallowtail Festival, an event in celebration of Desna and the first day of Autumn.

Our heroes engage in many of the day’s festivities, including a balance beam race, a greased pig catch, three-shells game, and most memorably, the Donkey Press.

GAARG, despite his gruff personality, manages to thrill the crowd with his prodigious feat of strength.

goblin.pngSuddenly, goblins attack the town square, causing panic among the crowd. Goblin warchanters song their crazed goblin song, while crazed goblin warriors slash and burn.


After dealing with goblins in the square, our brave adventurers save Aldern Foxglove, a foppish nobleman, from an attack by a mounted goblin commando and a pair of lesser goblins.

Aldern seems quite impressed with GAARG’s martial prowess, and invites the team to a boar hunt.



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