Rise of the Runelords

Hambley Barn and Farmhouse

Our heroes assure Lettie that they find and save her brother Horran before he succumbs to Ghoul Fever.

Ghoul FEVER!!!

Our heroes anxiously moved through the overgrown cornfields, the tunnels of crops adding to the claustrophobia and anxiety.

In the Hambley farm fields our heroes encounter victims — of Ghoul Fever, the learned cleric Argonon informs them — tied to scarecrow posts throughout the fields. Apparently the former humans, now ghouls, were infected then held captive, to “ripen” into full ghouls.

Zordlin sneaks up quietly on one of these ripening ghouls. After reporting back to the group, they get ready for an assault, with Orilil ripping the burlap hood off of the scarecrow to reveal — a human.

Argonon quickly calls upon the power of Sarenrae and some good old-fashioned healing to cure the human — Lettie Guffmin — of Ghoul Fever.

The Catacombs
Under the Glassworks


Our Heroes:

  1. Found stairs to the basement of the Glassworks
  2. Discovered entrances to smugglers’ tunnels that have, until recently, been bricked over
  3. Managed to catch Tsuto Kaijitsu while he was sleeping
  4. Rescued Ameiko
  5. Found Tsuto’s journal, detailing the attack on Sandpoint, his infatuation with Nualia, and evidence of Nualia’s involvement with the attack
  6. Have ventured a short distance into the smuggler’s tunnel, to find catacombs beneath Sandpoint.
  7. Horrible creatures known as Sinspawn infest what appears to be a prison…
Ameiko Disappears

Our Heroes were summoned to Sheriff Baelor’s office to finally meet a bruised and bloody Shalelu.


Shalelu, a ranger and scout who patrols the wildlands and remote farmlands around the Lost Coast, has reported increased activity of goblin raids. She is concerned about evidence that the 5 local goblin tribes, usually disorganized and fractious, may be organized by some external force.

Baelor is concerned over this news and has set out to Magnimar to solicit the governor for more troops to protect Sandpoint. He has requested that our heroes maintain a presence in town so as to keep the townsfolk calm and safe.

Later that day, our heroes are approached by a tearful Amele Barrett, clutching her young children close. Her husband has found a goblin hidden in her young son’s closet and, enraged, has chased it into its hiding place while the terrified wife and children fled the house. Our heroes dispatch the goblin, but not before he has killed the unfortunate Alergast. Amele is inconsolable at the news. Father Zantus arrives to offer her comfort and a place to stay at the local church.

bethana.pngThe next morning, Bathena, halfling maid of the Rusty Dragon Inn, is anguished over the disappearance of Ameiko, seemingly to meet her brother Tsuto at the Kaijitsu family’s Glassworks, to discuss their father’s possible involvement with the goblin attack. Bathena hands the PCs a letter from Tsuto to his sister Ameiko

Our heroes investigate the Kaijitsu Glassworks and find a gang of goblins in the main furnace room, having murdered the employees and Lonjiku Kaitjitsu.

Heroes of Sandpoint
Run-in with Lonjiku

LonjikuKaijitsu.png The heroes spend some time with Aldern Foxglove in the Rusty Dragon Inn when Lonjiku Kaijitsu crashes in through the front doors in a huff, shouting for his daughter, Ameiko, owner of the Rusty Dragon.

The rest of the tavern patrons shrink away from Lonjiku as he screams for his daughter in a foreign language — Tien? Minkian?

Ameiko comes from the kitchen, eyes wide, mouth agape, still holding a ladle of soup.

The pair argue for a while, with only a few recognizable words here and there — “Magnimaar” frequently.

Desecrated Crypt
Father Tobyn's body goes missing

belor.pngOur heroes are summoned to see Father Abstalar Zantus and Sheriff Baelor Hemlock. The crypt that holds Father Tobyn’s body has been disturbed, and Father Zantus fears some goblin mischief.

The heroes accompany the Sheriff investigating the vault, only to be attacked by a pair of skeletons! Good thing GAARG packed an extra warhammer.


The skeletons are dealt with and the PCs discover that Father Tobyn’s boddy is missing, and these skeletons were left behind as a trap, being the last gift of a Robe of Bones.

Sandpoint! The Swallowtail Festival
A Donkey Press!


Our brave adventurers arrive in Sandpoint in time for the consecration of the new cathedral of Sandpoint.

The old temple burnt to the ground during a huge fire about five years ago, during Sandpoint’s time of “Late Unpleasantness”.

The consecration is planned to occur during the annual Swallowtail Festival, an event in celebration of Desna and the first day of Autumn.

Our heroes engage in many of the day’s festivities, including a balance beam race, a greased pig catch, three-shells game, and most memorably, the Donkey Press.

GAARG, despite his gruff personality, manages to thrill the crowd with his prodigious feat of strength.

goblin.pngSuddenly, goblins attack the town square, causing panic among the crowd. Goblin warchanters song their crazed goblin song, while crazed goblin warriors slash and burn.


After dealing with goblins in the square, our brave adventurers save Aldern Foxglove, a foppish nobleman, from an attack by a mounted goblin commando and a pair of lesser goblins.

Aldern seems quite impressed with GAARG’s martial prowess, and invites the team to a boar hunt.

Prelude: Black Fang


Our brave heroes have set out on their first real adventure together! A mysterious threat to the outlying farms and homesteads of Sandpoint has appeared. Slaughtered livestock and a tooth the size of a dagger are the lead to a forgotten cave a dozen miles from town.

Orilil Falconflight, GAARG, Argonon and Zordlin assemble at the cave mouth. There they discover a statue of a warrior, pitted and melted as if by some powerful acid.

Before they get any further, a pair of goblins shriek and charge from the darkness beyond the cave mouth. They attack with their filthy dogslicers.

These murderous little monsters are quickly dispatched.

Further exploration of the cave reveals a flame trap protecting a giant ruby. After getting singed, the sorcerer uses a Mage Hand to lift the ruby from outside the range of the trap.

A pair of skeletons nearly corner our stalwart GAARG, separated from his compatriots by a high sheer wall. Argonon calls upon the purifying light of his goddess to blast the skeletons into dust.

Eventually our heroes manage to find the sleeping dragon (…ahem, wyrmling). Stealthy Zordlin manages to creep up close to the dragon, but our sorcerer manages to kick a pebble, echoing loudly in the cavern and waking Black Fang.

The dragon wakes in a fury and spits a gob of acid at Orilil, hurting him badly!

The rogue and fighter engage Black Fang in melee, while the cleric heals the hurt sorcerer.

Orilil manages to stun the dragon twice with a dazzling color spray, giving our heroes some valuable time.

GAARG lands a mighty blow, severing the dragon’s head from the rest of the dragon!

Exhausted but jubilant, our heroes mend their wounds and travel back to Sandpoint to claim their bounty!

The Journey Begins
Our adventures in and around Sandpoint

Our small band of heroes have met at Sandpoint for their first adventure. Though inexperienced, these souls are eager to face peril with stout hearts and strong arms.


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